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TFU Website Guide

TFU Website Registration

In order to drive TFU (The Farmers Union) forward and to achieve the goals set out we need your support!
A website has been funded and developed but for it to work we need you.
To show your support for TFU and to achieve the aims set out we need you to register, which is free register here.


Registration Form Details

The registration form details such as the Region you are in are the foundations of regional TFU support for all the policy groups and we need to know how many people from each region so we know when there are enough members per region to instigate the policies there.


Profile Picture

Please add a profile picture, it doesn’t have to be of you but it makes it so much better there are lots of similar features to Facebook so use TFU like Facebook. After you have registered you can login in future by clicking social login and it will use your Facebook profile picture as your TFU picture.


Connect with other Members

Send invites to other members, connect and make friends. When you create Groups (see below) you can then invite your TFU friends to your group! You can go to the Members page and click the “Add Friend” button to send a friend invite.


Join TFU Groups

When you have registered more of the site will be visible to you and you will be able to join any of our policy groups.
We have already started putting things in place for our Rural Security Policy Group which will provide patrols to protect and support our farmer members.
TFU are also finalising a deal on CCTV cameras that will go on the website when ready.
If you want the Rural Security Patrols to start TFU needs you to show your interest and support. In the first instance we need you to join the group by following the link below:
Once you have joined please take part in the poll that you see in the group – image below:
Rural Security Patrol Poll
Joining the group is currently free the subscription cost is for when we have enough interest per region to engage patrols, at that point if you want the patrols to go ahead we will ask you to pay the £1.99 a month per member to cover the cost.
We will soon be putting up information on CCTV cameras at highly reduced costs for our members but we can only do this and organise things for the other policy groups with your support!


Posting on existing groups

Please share relevant posts on the existing groups (If there isn’t a relevant group, create one, see below.) For example if you have an issue or relevant topic for the Rural Security Group please share it. You have to register on the website and join the group to post.

Then scroll down under the group description and poll until you see the below box:TFU Group Posts

As soon as you click in the box an icon appears on the bottom left, if you want to add a photo or video click on the button. When your post is ready click “Post Update.”


Social Sharing

Once your post is live on TFU ‘s group you can the share it on social media by clicking the social share options available, see below:

Social Sharing on TFU Groups
You can share on Linkedin, Twitter, Like the post and share on Facebook. To share to Facebook Groups click the Facebook share button and a box will appear see below:
Share TFU posts to Facebook Groups

Click the “share to news feed or story” button at the top and click share in a Group, then you can  choose to share the post to The Farmers Union Facebook Group or any other Facebook Group. It is also best to add some text above the website link it creates as Facebook doesn’t like it to just show the link. Just copy the first part of the post into the box or any descriptive text and share.

Sharing from the TFU website drives people from Facebook to the website and will help us grow!

Create Groups

TFU website is a forum website please use it, you can create your own groups about any topic you wish to discuss and share on social media straight from the TFU website. This helps grow your website and will help us drive forward the policies.
You can share posts you put on TFU with anyone and to any groups!
To create a group go to the groups and you will see Create a Group once you click it you will see:
Create a TFU Group
Give the group a name and description once completed it will go to Security options you can just click next at the bottom of this.
You will then be asked if you want to create a forum for this:
TFU Group ForumClick yes, so people can respond and engage with your group.
Next it gives you the option to add a photo for your group and finally if you have already connected with other TFU members or they have connected with you by sending an invite, you can invite them to your new group. You will see a list of your connections to click on and invite.

Farmer Governors

We need Farmer Governors, anyone that’s a farmer can request to be a Governor. Farmers have direct individual voting power through a simple online platform that shapes any decisions the TFU management makes.
Farmer Governors are randomly selected from all members who wish to be considered for an annual term and have a strict remit, to keep TFU honest and united in line with its core values.
For full information and to sign up go to TFU’s Farmer Governors page.
If you have any questions use the contact form below and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. You can also reach out to me on Facebook or in The Farmers Union Facebook Group.
Regards Alex Wivell