We understand that Great Britain is a diverse place and different regions have different needs and challenges to contend with. This is something that seems to be forgotten highlighted by a Common Agricultural Policy that proves a “one size fits all” approach is counter productive.

For the first time farmers will have a structure and control to directly vote on all policies proposed both regionally and nationally.  It is impossible to fix everything across all agricultural sectors at once,

It is easy to talk about the problems its more difficult to bring solutions to these problems. Our policy leaders are tasked with doing just that.

They are not in place to spend farmers money lobbying and discussing at countless meetings achieving nothing, they are tasked with identifying key issues at regional and national levels then asking our farmers to decide whether an issue is to be dealt with through the groups online direct voting system.

Once our farmers have spoken it is the job of our Policy leaders to develop fully costed and detailed policy solutions including outcomes and time frames to be presented to our farmers to make final decisions on. Once this process is completed TFU will make sure these policies are implemented immediately.

Click on TFU policy groups to see what policies are proposed, who the policy leaders are and for updates on implementation developments within each policy division.

Policy Leaders

  • Will be able to demonstrate extensive commercial knowledge of sector
  • Responsible for collating members votes on proposed policy initiatives and adhering to the democratic vote
  • Responsible for working with marketing and communication team to promote policy and viability
  • Each policy division must be self funding
  • Confident in delivering and presenting to government
  • Responsible for presenting and receiving approval from farmer governors
  • Responsible for providing cost analysis and cost benefit to industry for each policy issue proposed with proof policy will work.