TFU has an organisational structure that has never before been seen in British Agriculture. For the first time our farmers are in control. As an industry our farmers have to support the increasing burden of various groups and businesses that are growing year on year even though our farm numbers decline.  Something needs to change.

Any organisation needs management and direction however with TFU these managers report directly to the Farm Governors, the Governors are randomly selected from all members who wish to be considered for an annual term and have a strict remit, to keep TFU honest and united in line with its core values.

At the heart of the group is Farmers who have direct individual voting power through a simple online platform that shapes any decisions the TFU management makes.

TFU has changed the balance and expects that every group, organisation, association, society who genuinely want to support our farmers to do so through TFU structure. Those that really want to support our industry will relish the opportunity of providing the bedrock of this structure and providing support for our farmers as the foundations at the bottom instead of being the heavy load at the top.

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