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    Two issues, 1 is URGENT.

    1 URGENT!
    At about 1700 hrs on 18 5 19 whilst leaving Wessington, Derbyshire, and driving east on the A615, a group of 6-8 males were seen on foot walking west towards Wessington. All were late teens/early 20s, wore black/dark clothing with one in a grey/black disruptive pattern type camouflage zipper bomber type jacket. All were close to 6 feet tall, with dark hair, were slim and athletic and clean shaven. Nothing was seen being carried. All were of Eastern European appearance.

    The group were out of place and initially a safety concern being close to the carraigeway. Instinct suggested the matter be reported and Derby Constabulary were informed. Incident 948/1852019 refers. Dashcam footage exists.

    Whilst the group may have been entirely legitimate it would be well for those in the area to check their property for anomalies and this message shared.

    2. At about 1630 hours again on 19 5 19 at Matlock Railway Station, Derbyshire an encampment of travellers was seen.

    6 touring caravans had been parked on the Station Car Park with an appearance of preparing to be on site for some time with washing hanging to dry.

    The following vehicles and indexes were noted;
    Caravan NJ 14 JYX relating to a Ford Pickup. All in order,
    White double crewcab Ford Transit FH 53 THX. All in order,
    Blue VW Golf SJ 18 LLO. All in order,
    Black Ford Mondeo LN 15 FYP. Checks showed an MOT is required and outstanding.

    Police were informed and the incident above refers. Dashcam again is available.

    Clearly the Mondeo is in use and should not be.

    Whilst the initial reporting was of 2 incidents, Police immediately logged both as one. Of course we knew this would be the case but it confirms the cops were interested in matters relating to this group of travellers.

    I’d say again that if you are local to Derbys/Notts you should be checking that all is well. Should it not be and you suspect a link then tell the Police. As Professional Witnesses we can do that for you If you feel uneasy in talking to a cop. Some do you know.

    Anyway, share this and let’s be effective.