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    We’re in discussion to supply wifi CCTV alarms with night capability.

    This kit can be put out to members at cost (£20 approx) or even be cost free. CCTV footage is transmitted directly into a TFU patrol thereby removing the excessive costs of Alarm Receiving Centres. There are no engineer costs at any stage.

    This system provides a double response. It guarantees a TFU car and a Police car (but only if Police are available!). It secures footage as evidence too.

    You’ll understand the need for several farms in an area to join to allow a TFU patrol to be in a position to provide cover. This is one reason we’ve been asking where existing members are located. It’s ineffective to have 1 member in say, Derbys, 7 in Notts and 15 in Lincs expecting 1 car to be the only patrol. It’s why there are regions with at least one patrol car planned per region.

    More info soon.