Legal Bit


Initially The Farmers Union has needed to be established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) a not-for-profit organisation which will allow it to represent its members fully and begin its process of becoming our British Farmers Union. To become a Union any organisation requires membership.

Once membership is achieved an application will immediately be made to the Governments Certification Officer to ask for a Union to represent our British Farmers and industry to be added to the list. This is done via an application to:

Certification Officer
Lower Ground Floor
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

We believe being an actual registered Union is important for protecting our members and allowing the organisation to stand up for all of our Farmers and deliver what our Farmers vote for.

Under the constitution all excess operational monies must be returned directly to the farming and rural community to improve services and not pay ‘shareholders’, pay over inflated wage bills or build the balance sheet of the organisation. For too long organisations have grown fat off the back of our British Farmers. TFU’s unique structure will make sure this happens.

The types of projects that would be funded will always be directly voted on using the policy groups and the direct online voting system in place on the website. Only when votes are agreed does implementation get carried out. These would include such things as rural events, farming community research initiatives into disease eradication or improving community safety in rural areas through a variety of means.

In order to deliver each strand of the Union structure including preferential legal and insurance services for paying members, we created the CIC.

As a CIC, businesses can claim Social Impact Tax Relief.

To become a Union we need to meet the eligibility test and be an organisation of workers or employers. Once we have achieved this we can apply to be listed.

If the Certification Officer is satisfied that the organisation falls within the appropriate definition in the 1992 Act for trade unions or employers’ associations The Farmers Union will be entered on the appropriate list.

The Certification Officer will test whether the organisation satisfies the statutory definition.

Only by uniting our British Farmers together can our industry move forward with confidence. Now is the time to come together and show the British people that our Farmers are here to support our country through common sense, efficiency and hard work!