• April 14, 2019 at 9:12 pm


    Vegan Protesters.

    Showing you how effective TFU is as Professional Witnesses.

    Today developed intelligence provided an individual who is attempting to befriend Farmers who may be under pressure. The individual has made approaches through a community and charitable facility and taken advantage of their good nature in attempts to deceive.

    An approach was made to a vulnerable person in an attempt to gain access to information which could be used in causing damage to a farm.

    We were alerted, we advised Police be informed immediately and are implementing TFU’s policy in identifying this protester. As Professional Witnesses we will identify him and post details on here and to our website.

    This is one indication of how protesters will attempt to deceive you. Be aware of unusual approaches to yourselves and employees.

    This is very real but can be managed. Contact us immediately if you have a concern.

    And sure this post to warn ours.