• April 15, 2019 at 9:36 am


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    Farm animals worth £2.5 million were stolen in 2018 – an 11% rise by value over two years, figures released today by NFU Mutual revealed.

    Tim Price, NFU Mutual rural affairs specialist, said the scale of the animal theft was a sign of increased involvement by organised gangsters.

    He said: “A generation ago, rustling was typically a local crime involving a couple of lambs or half a dozen geese being taken ‘for the pot’. Now it’s an organised crime with dozens or even hundreds of sheep worth thousands being taken in a single raid.

    “Thieves are even using working sheepdogs – some of which have also been stolen – to round up hundreds of sheep which are then loaded into trailers or lorries late at night.”

    LARGE VEHICLES ON THE ROAD AT NIGHT. Not rocket science.

    Used to be the ones we’d stop and check. Not rocket science.

    Those stops happen less and less these days. Fewer and fewer Police. Not rocket science.

    Those large vehicles on the road at night are going to be carrying more of your animals just because they can. Not rocket science.

    TFU is the only operator on the road at night with the capability to deal with these issues. Not rocket science.

    Please share. Not rocket science.

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