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With the ever increasing rise in rural crime and activist activities against our countries Farmers over the past few years the agricultural industry has had enough.

Over 10 million people live in rural areas and are affected by rising crime rates ever year. Rural crime costs and thefts from rural homes, businesses and farms currently stands at £44.5m, an increase of 13.4% and the highest year-on-year rise since 2010.

Our Police simply don’t have the resources to tackle rural crime on its own. As with everything our Great British Farmers can help.

As custodians of the countryside TFU have dedicated tackling Rural Security as a primary policy area with 3 simple aims:

Reduce rural crime incidents and costs to industry across equipment, livestock, property and vehicles
Provide protection to rural communities and Farmers working with the best security professionals
Develop and provide technology at very little cost to our Farmers

Activist activity and crime is only going to get worse as it is highly funded and organised, its time we as an industry took action to safeguard the Great British rural areas and people who live there. Get involved and support policies as they are proposed if you feel they make sense and will make a difference.

By all means ask as many questions as you want, feel free to PM admins and we will answer as best we can.

Remember we are only here to represent you and implement your instructions as an industry. Please unite together and all cast your votes!

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