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“A union is a workers’ organization which represents its members and which aims to improve things such as their working conditions, standards and pay”.

British Farmers simply do not have an organisation that is capable of representing and implementing what is required to halt the decline of the agricultural industry at a national level. Existing membership groups that has self appointed themselves to speak and act on behalf of U.K. Farmers to advance their own political and financial agendas have overseen the biggest decline in British agriculture since the Second World War. If agriculture fails, the rest of society fails.

British Farmers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of the agricultural industry that is loved so much by championing British standards, produce and solutions to support and lead the way in supporting society by contributing more than ever to the infrastructure that allows our country to flourish and operate.

The Farmers Union has 3 simple aims

  • Unite Farmers across the UK whilst actively standing up for their best interests and providing alternative revenues through diversification and services provided to Great Britain’s national infrastructure
  • Transforming the supply chain to provide a fair and sustainable model from producer to consumer through a simple and effective Great British standard that is workable for our Farmers
  • Provide a secure and unbiased modern communication network to provide members with a direct voice allowing decisions on future regulation, standards and issues to be made through majority votes at the click of a button.

By joining The Farmers Union, British Farmers will for the first time be able to actively implement change and promote progress to secure the future of the agricultural industry.

  • Lower farm input prices than any co-op
  • Expert legal and professional services for members
  • One member one vote
  • Levies on suppliers to support marketing British farmers and produce
  • Improved communications networks and expert support
  • Reduced regulatory bodies
  • Standards set by Farmers

Next Steps…

Are you ready to change? Join up with other British Farmers to support the Great British people.

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Time to fight for the industry that we love!